Finnish premium Softwood

Our tradition stems from deep in the Finnish forests, where for centuries, the world's finest timber has been produced.

The VIHREÄ METSÄ vision is to make the highest quality Finnish timber accessible to customers, building long-lasting and prosperous relationships based on the deep understanding and the love for timber.

Our timber is slow grown from the cold Central and Northern regions of Finland, an ideal climate for highly dense close-grained and sound knotted timber.

Working closely with our partner sawmills, we ensure the highest production standards in the sawn timber industry whilst catering to our customer's specific needs.

About Us

All our products are made from premium softwood locally grown and planed in Finland at the highest industry standards. The raw materials used in our manufacturing process are Redwood (pine) and Whitewood (Spruce). We have a wide range of designs and can manufacture according to specific requests. A variety of dimensions and lengths are available covering a wide range of options suitable for the diverse needs of our clientele.


Finnish Premium Softwood


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